Xplorio Overberg


People with good self-confidence is beautiful to watch.  They just have this “no fear”, comfortable manner.  Anyone can have a good confidence level. Yes, even you.

‘Discover’ yourself and become a confident new you.  Let’s start with the basics. Did you know that your conscious mind is about 5% of your mind and your subconscious about 95%. The fact is that our subconscious mind controls our perceptions and behaviour.  It ‘records’ everything that happens in your life and when you want to act on something, it filters through all that information, send it to your conscious mind and then you act accordingly.  Lucky for us, what our subconscious mind has for information is not set in stone.  You are not what someone else ‘made you to be’.

A study of Child development showed that 80% of kids entering the 1st grade have a good self esteem and by the time they enter high school only 5%.  What went wrong?

Remember the brain as a ‘recorder’.  Every piece of information is taken in through your 5 senses. That information gets ‘filtered’ by everything you’ve been taught from birth. E.g. your values, beliefs, memories, cravings, culture, habits etc. After the ‘filtering’ process, you will do/say/act accordingly. The nice fact is, you can change the ‘filtering-system’. What you value can be changed.  Bad habits can be changed. Bad memories can be replaced with good ones… All negative filters can be replaced with positive ones. How to do that?

Start to build mental strength. “We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it”