Xplorio Overberg

Songs of Spring

When building a business it is important to have passion for what you do. To sell your product with success you must believe in it wholeheartedly. When your business has grown to such an extent that you need to employ people, it is important that you employ the right people who will also be passionate, but passionate about your business.
I believe that we should also have a passion for excellence! This means that you should look for ways, every day, to become a better employer, employee, entrepreneur, clerk or executive.

Robb Thompson in his book Excellence in the workplace says the following: “Life was designed to be a continual ascension. This is the very reason that today’s excellence is tomorrow’s mediocrity. So no matter what level you are at today, tomorrow you should be bored with that level and ready to move up higher. You have been created for movement and for change. You can decide every single day to push away from mediocrity as you press toward the next level of excellence in your life’s journey.”

Most people don’t understand what it takes to achieve that next level. They think success in the workplace is a great mystery they can’t attain. But the truth is, most people don’t achieve the next level for one simple reason: They aren’t willing to make the sacrifices and changes that are necessary to propel them forward toward promotion and success.
Now I also want to ask this question: How serious are you about going to another level in the workplace, or in life for that matter?

The Overberg Business Magazine would like to see and report on this passion for excellence and has decided to visit businesses each month in search of something special in such a business. If you know of someone, or a business, that demonstrates excellence in what they do, let us know so that we can feature them in the magazine. Now watch this space to see some special ideas in businesses striving for excellence!