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In marketing the main concern is reaching your specific market and this is often where the dispute over digital vs print media becomes a topic.  Digital marketing allows you to cast a very wide net in effort to reach a target market, where as to print media gives you the opportunity to intensively target a specific market suitable for your product or service.  Having an online presence is beneficial to every business, but does not guarantee that business will walk through your door.


How many times has Paul McCarty died in online reports? 3 times!  Credibility of online information is at an all-time low. It’s called ‘click bait’ and exists only to increase traffic to a certain website. Once there you have to fill in ALL your personal info to access a site! Apart from newspaper or magazine subscriptions, printed media is regulated and does not falsely lure and involve you with a business.  Because the internet is not always viewed as a credible source for reliable information, printed material is still, and will remain for a very long time, an important method of marketing and ultimately that is what every company owner wants – you don’t stick an iPad on your fridge with the details of your favourite pizza delivery restaurant..


A Norway study concluded that students who read texts in print scored significantly better on the reading comprehension test than students who read the texts digitally. That’s one of the key benefits of print. To process information, having a hard copy is still the better compared to on screen text. With all the digital adverts and ‘click here’ and ‘link to’ there, online marking can be confusing and distracting. We have to dissect online information just to be sure that a product on sale isn’t another phishing scheme.


When you plan your next marketing campaign ask yourself the following: How do you communicate with the local market? Are they tech savvy? Which online platforms would they use to look for your company? What would your next marketing campaign look like? Online? Or trusted print advertising? The facts speak for themselves.