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In Honour of the Humble Hop

Way down at the southern tip of Africa in the small industrial area of Struisbaai, a new craft beer is causing big waves in the local craft beer sector. Fraser Crighton, entrepreneur, master brewer and creator of Frasers Folly is that wavemaker. We chatted to Fraser about his unique approach, vision for the future, plans for the coming season and, of course, his thoughts to encourage other budding entrepreneurs.

What do you think makes your beer unique?
My raw ingredients are top quality, and I source the best quality varieties of barley (that creates superb malt) from Thomas Fawcett & Sons in the UK. The Fawcett family has been making malt in Castleford, West Yorkshire since the late 1780’s. With over 200 years of experience they have the expertise, technology and capability to produce an extensive range of pale ale, crystal and roasted malts to the highest standards.

We love your packaging and labels, its unique and looks like the paper used to roll fish ‘n chips in – how did you come up with that idea?
We were preparing our packaging for the Agri Mega in Bredasdorp, we ran out of labels and couldn’t get more printed in time for the Mega, so we thought the only way to make it in time would be to print on paper and wrap the bottles – people really loved it, so we kept it.

What is your vision for Frasers Folly in the years ahead? 
I started brewing 100 litres a month and am now brewing up to 1600 litres a week…in 14 months.

I just want to keep producing the best beer I can make, and if I can do that it would be great. I don’t want to take over the world, I am happy to focus on South Africa and keep it manageable.

I would like to educate people about the history of beer-making and expose them to quality craft beer. I am about to become a father and my vision is to build a successful business and leave it to my children.

There’s no secret to success. It’s hard, hard work. I can put a bed in my brewery. Recently, I’ve been doing 20 hour shifts. You can’t give up. When you think I can’t do this anymore!That’s when you must keep going!

What are your plans for the upcoming season? 
I will be offering daily beer tasting at my brewery in Struisbaai Industria; launching a branded newspaper pairing awesome recipes with my beers; and I am releasing a new limited beer in December.

Become a fan of Frasers Folly on Facebook or email him at or call on 076 305 7974.
You can buy Frasers Folly online at League of Beers



Waarom geniet so baie mense graag ‘n bier?

  • Sommige mense sê hulle drink bier om te sosialiseer, mens sien baie min iemand wat alleen bier drink.
  • Dit is ‘n goedkoper opsie vir ‘n alkoholiese drankie.
  • ‘n Mens kan meer bier drink as ander alkoholiese drank voordat jy dierisiko loop om onder die invloed te wees.
  • Baie mense sê dat daar min dinge is wat ‘n groot dors so kan les!


  • ‘n Studie in Finland het aangedui dat een bottel bier wat daagliks ingeneem word die risiko van die ontwikkeling van nierstene met tot 40% verminder. Elke bottel bier bevat 1g vesel, en vesel help met die vermindering van LDL wat die slegte tipe cholesterol is.
  • ‘n Hollandse studie het aangedui dat mense wat gereeld bier drink tot 30% hoër vlakke van vitamiene B6 in hulle bloed het. Bier bevat ook Vitamiene B12 en foliensuur.
  • ‘n Ander studie wat in 2009 gedoen is het bevind dat die hoë vlakke van silikoon in bier kan bydra tot ‘n beter beenstruktuur maar te veel kan weer lei tot frakture.
  • ‘n Harvard studie het bevind dat bier ook bloed klonte en die risiko van beroerte kan verminder en selfs die risiko van diabetes by middeljarige mans met tot 25% kan verlaag.