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Get more Visitors to your Website

We need to understand the internet user and the aesthetics of displaying content on a website to keep the visitors on your website. Our average internet user has a trigger finger so first impressions are extremely important.  Here are a few things to avoid that will keep the visitors on your website longer.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

Earlier this year Google implemented a new Search Algorithm that favours mobile friendly websites in searches. Besides this very important change, there is the human aspect that is just as vital. If a person is visiting your website from their mobile device, cell phone or tablet, and your website has not been optimised to automatically adapt to all screen sizes, the visitor will find it hard to navigate and view your content, this will instantly make them leave your website to search other more mobile-friendly websites.

Slow loading pages

There are many reasons why a website is slow to load and any one of them will cause visitors to move on. Slideshows that have video, large images or too many slides can slow the page load time down.
News feeds or widgets that are importing information from other websites, all take time to bring the data across.

Badly designed websites

Some websites are a challenge to read if the colours clash, the text is too small or too faint. Banners and information compete for your attention making the website appear confusing, too complicated or even vague as the visitor is lost to the true purpose of your website.

Think of your website as the ambassador for your business that will connect with a visitor and draw them into interacting with your website and your business. Make sure your website is user-friendly, with easy accessible call-to-action buttons, placed strategically to simplify the process of contacting you, and booking or buying your products/services.

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