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How to have fun on holiday with a tight budget

Fun times and saving cash rarely goes together, and the holiday season might be the most obvious example. With all the parties, giving of gifts and travelling, it can be all too easy to spend that hard earned cash in a flash! Here are a few tips to make your holiday the cheapest and most fun yet.

When it comes to hosting a party, saving money is all about numbers. Make it a closed one and keep a tight lid on the guest list. Do not mail invitations, it is much cheaper and faster to send an online invite. Co-host with a friend, this is a super easy way to halve the cost of a party. Don’t buy expensive decorations, it’s nice to pretty up the place, but not necessary to spend a fortune; candles, Christmas lights, little piles of fruit, or a few pieces of mismatched crockery are very funky ways to decorate the room. We all know that pasta, rice and potatoes are super filling and easy on the wallet and there are countless meals that use them heavily.

Another option is to go vegetarian; one of the best reasons to go meat-free is the cost. Not offering alcohol at a party will also save a lot of cash; ask the party animals to bring their own. Who said parties have to be at night? Hosting during the day will guarantee the guests won’t drink or eat as much. An awesome idea is to invite them over for brunch; breakfast food is far cheaper than a fancy dinner. When you buy expensive gifts always find out what competitors are charging by comparing the prices of items you are interested in online. Decide how much money you want to spend and stick to it. Even if the best deal on earth presents itself during a shopping spree, don’t buy anything just because it’s cheap.

Plan in advance as far as possible!

Airline tickets are cheaper when you buy them in advance and be sure to measure and weigh your bags before you fly; you will avoid paying extra for your baggage.

When driving pack food and beverages for the trip, especially if it is a long one; take-outs are expensive and you can end up spending much more on that part of the trip than you bargained for.