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Food security remains one of the biggest challenges in both the developed and developing world. The difference lies only in the size of the problem and the percentage of the population that is affected in different countries, said Sarah Kiggundu of Consultancy Africa.

From Wednesday 16 to Saturday, September 19, 2015 the focus on the need of food security for the world at large will shift to Mega Park in Bredasdorp when the 23th Agri Mega Week will pull the spotlight onto the role of Africa role in long-term solutions to this challenge for the planet.

In developed nations, this challenge is tackled through targeted interventions. These may include direct food relief strategies, such as food stamp and food parcels project which could include daily or indirect, more sustainable subsidized food production.

Similar approaches are used in developed countries, unfortunately with less success. This can be attributed to an inability of the disadvantaged to gain sustainable access to food.
As an agri-expo, Agri Mega Week 2014 had almost 26 000 visits. For only four short days the world’s eyes will be on Bredasdorp where the obstacles and opportunities for Africa as a key contributor to global food needs are to be debated on high level.

In developing countries, agriculture is still the most important and often largest economic sector and international agricultural agreements remain essential for maintenance of food security in these countries, Kiggundu believes.
During Agri Mega Week the potential to achieve these goals will be investigated and deliberated. According to Orton King, Group Executive Director of Mega Group, organisers of the expo, visitors will hear more about the latest production and processing trends, which are aimed at the development of agriculture in Africa.

The latest agricultural equipment and technological breakthroughs will be exhibited. Agri Mega Week 2015 will also present the South African Ayrshire Championship 2015 as well as several other regional champions which will be crowned in the livestock section. The annual Mega youth show and children’s handling of livestock remain popular. Various competitions and farm demonstrations will again be part of the program.