Xplorio Overberg

The Business Value Model


is a subsidiary brand of inavit iQ (Pty) Ltd, a South African based business consulting company providing innovative services in the domains of business strategy, organisation design, leadership excellence, human capital and performance, customer engagement and business metrics. We work in all industries with a primary focus on the food sustainability, supply chain & logistics, energy, health and industrial sectors.

Our core differentiator

is the ability to deliver real and measurable value to clients through a collaborative and inclusive approach to solution crafting and implementation. Our collaboration with clients have, for example, led to the following client benefits:

  • significant cost savings in the health sector,
  • planned maintenance cost savings in the energy  sector,
  • increased market share in the entertainment sector,
  • system optimization leading to improved business decision-making in the mining sector,
  • re-positioning of the client value proposition for a technology company, and
  • improvement in levels of employee engagement and commitment in a number of client systems.

Our solutions

are based on mindful diagnostics and the selection of fit-for-purpose and scientifically well-founded, but practical methodologies. Our commitment to clients is simple: Mindful collaboration to deliver sustainable business benefit.

This ability to be mindful and deliberate in our partnering with clients is based not only on our core values, but is also a function of the caliber of people on our team. Over and above the fact that our team is comprised of people with solid academic background, all senior team members have many years practical industry experience. We know that our ability to add value to clients is a function of not only our methodologies, but also of the insights that can only come from many years of practical and deep experience.

The solutions crafted with client systems start with an exploration of the Business Value Model™ which has been adopted by a number of our clients and partners as their thinking framework.

To create solutions that leverage business opportunities, address critical business challenges, and realise targeted business benefits, the different inavit iQ companies follow a unique approach based on the following logic: (Consider the visual herewith and interpret from right to left)

  • The realisation of specific business benefits (such as operating profit, top-line revenue and market share),
  • are dependent on the creation of customer delight (loyal and satisfied customers), which is a direct result of the delivery of value added product-and service solutions  by;
  • high performing people;
  • who are enabled through the right organisation capacity (business processes, technology, data and information, organisation structure, talent and culture), and who are,
  • led and managed by capable, competent and credible leadership,
  • towards a common goal and strategy.

Using the Business Value Model as a thinking framework we support business leaders to take the accountability for being deliberate and clear on the following:

  • Is our strategy robust and flexible enough to deal with external and internal challenges?
  • Do we have the capacity (processes, technology, data and information, structure and people, and culture) to effectively and efficiently execute our strategy?
  • Do we have the quality of leadership that are able to create this capacity and to ensure high levels of commitment in our people?
  • Are our customers and clients delighted with the delivery of our promises to them; and
  • Are we clear on the expected total business benefits to be realised and do we measure short and long term performance?

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