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Art @ Baardskeerdersbos.

With an autumn breeze in the air The Overberg Business Magazine Team found their way towards Baardskeerdersbos to enjoy the Art Route. We were in search of interesting art to celebrate our theme – Earthy Business – for the April edition. Our first stop was at the Baardskeerdersbos General Store to pick up a map of the route, which would show the artists to visit, where to eat and where to stay.

There were 10 artists and 6 guest artists exhibiting their work. Painting, Sculpture, Printing, Photography, Jewellery, Furniture, Drawing, Etching and Functional Art were exhibited in 10 different venues. The map clearly indicated the venue, the artist exhibiting at that particular venue and the art form on display. Very well organised, thank you!

Diane Johnson Ackerman carefully explained the process of Etching to us, which was very interesting. Joshua Miles in turn explained the Reduction Woodcut Printmaking process, just as insightful. The perfect giant foot made from cow dung by Philip John brought smiles to our faces, and made me realise just how creative people can be.

Our visit to Liz van den Berg exhibiting her Traditional Japanese Fish-Prints were the highlight of the day. Liz explained that dating from the mid-19th century this form of printing directly from nature was traditionally used by the fisherman to record their catches immediately on the boats. Only rice paper and sumi ink was used and the print was made directly off the fish by inking its body. Each fisherman was then able to prove his quota of the catch by stamping his prints with his personal chap or name identifying his fish. This wad of fish prints would then ensure payment for his catch as well as provide the boat owners with a type of business record. Today it is a beautiful art form, very earthy don’t you think?

The exhibition at Baardskeerdersbos takes place twice a year, in March and in October.