Xplorio Overberg

Align your Life, be a Star

Ever wondered why there is a lack of balance in the world? Well there are many people who see this yet do not realise they have the power to change it. The world around us is often in chaos and disorder. What we do in light of this is to try and control what we can. We hold on so tight to our work, families, finances and ourselves. Our control makes us feel better because we can manage a few things which sort of work. This is a short term solution.

As a coach I see the result of this all the time. I hear clients expressing the lack of work life balance, health issues affecting work focus, emotional stress causing family relationships to be unhappy or hard to manage. They say “Ek probeer om alles bymekaar te hou, maar daar is altyd pap op die vloer.”

Essentially, it is not working. Our approach has to change and it starts within, is quite simple and anyone can do it. “Oh yes?” I hear you say “If it was that easy everyone would be doing it.” Of course you are right. Yet I did not say it was easy, I said simple.

We over-complicate our lives and therefore simple solutions are seemingly too easy to be true. Align your Life. This means finding out where you are in all aspects of life currently.

Self Coaching Questions:

  • Is your inner motor running at 6,000 rpm all the time? Stop.
  • Ask yourself. What am I trying to control that is really beyond my control?

Alignment Star exercise:

  • Give yourself time to reflect on your alignment star and make time for yourself each week in aligning yourself with your star.
  • One area at a time, which needs most work.
  • What does it need? More organisation, more energy or effort, or that you let go and trust?
  • Ask a trusted advisor, friend, or a coach to help you to achieve this alignment.
  • Track your success by measuring where you are versus where you want to be.
  • Make time for yourself to think about yourself and your life each week, when you do not do anything. Just sit and reflect.

This is Mark, your local coach saying, Be better, don’t just do better. And have fun!