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You are who you want to be – Part 4

We get those days that life just doesn’t want to lift up on us and we wonder why we are doing what we are doing?

To stay motivated, positive and ready all the time is quite a challenge.  When you decide to make a change in your life or to start on a new project I do suggest that you prepare yourself for those “off” days. What motivates you? What usually lifts your spirit?

Put all your motivational resources where you can instantly access it every day. A big no-no to use as a resource is another person.  When you use friends or coaches to be your main motivator you are going to get a big unpleasant surprise.

Learn to be your own best motivator. Practice to be your own best motivator and your “off” days will become less and easier to get through. Ideas to use as motivating resources: Motivational Audio’s, -video clips, -Books and music.