Xplorio Overberg


It really is a myth that the internet is always cheaper when it comes to booking travel related products.

A good travel expert like myself, can save you both money and a great deal of time and in some cases, heartache.  My customers can validate this.  As a travel professional I will take the time to get to know you, getting to know your likes and dislikes and what is important to you, therefore I can tailor-make your dream trip (or seamless business trip) and use my expertise and experience to make recommendations that will suit you.

Being part of a Leading Worldwide Travel Group, I have access to over 1,800 colleagues who are based around the globe and they too can share local knowledge with me that I can pass onto you.  As a Travel Counselor I can offer brilliant hotel rates and I have access to airfares that do not appear on the internet. On top of this there will be no hidden surprises when you are ready to pay, unlike with many internet sites which often mislead you about the true end price. Enjoying a great holiday or a smooth business trip shouldn’t be the luck of the draw. When things happen, such as schedule changes or flight cancellations, missed connections or even volcanic eruptions, I will be there to help. When things like these go wrong and you have booked on the internet, where do you go to get help?

When booking with me I will confirm your flights, I will check you in online prior to your departure. I will also keep you informed of all your visa requirements as well as any health or inoculations that may be required.  Plus, I will fill you in on little extras and gems that will make your holiday experience even better.  I am pleased to tell you that when you book with me that my suppliers are covered by Travel Counselors Financial Protection Plan, this means that your money is financially protected against supplier failure.

Working with me means that you can contact me any time day or night, plus Travel Counselors has a free travel app called ‘myTC’ that will hold all your travel documents together and from a touch of a button you can get in touch with me 24/7. It will be like having your own Travel Counselor in your pocket and I will be with you every step of the way. I am committed to delivering the ultimate in customer service and will always offer impartial advice, offering you the broadest possible choice of options that are suited to what you desire. So, when considering whether to book it yourself or whether you put your trust in a travel professional like myself, there is an important question to ask:  What is the cost of it all going wrong if I book it myself, compared to the value, assurance and trust provided by a real travel expert?