Xplorio Overberg


A lot of new business owners find having promotional material printed a daunting task. Here is a few guidelines to help you in the new year:

  • Plan ahead: save yourself A LOT of money, time and headache
  • Get a quote: know what you need
  • Lead-time for printing: weekly breakdown

Plan ahead

Make a list of all your events or busiest times, when you will be needing promotional material i.e. pamphlets, posters, tickets, etc. Now set yourself a reminder for at least 8 weeks beforehand.

Getting a quote

These are the main specs for printing needed from a client:

Size of print, thickness of paper, colour, quantity and supplying of artwork. (If you do not have a design or a layout available you would probably need to contact a graphic designer. I can help you with all of that, contact me.)


Week 1: Request quotations & contact a graphic designer

Week 2: Presentation (how to pick a graphic designer – Further discussed on bloublad.co.za).

Week 3: First proofs

Week 4: Revision

Week 5: Final proofs

Week 6: Miscellaneous

Week 7 – 8: Delivery & happiness

These few steps will ensure a stress-free printing job.

I wish you all a fantastic festive seas-on, and a successful 2019!