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Reflection on “YBOB” – Your Business, Our Business

The YBOB workshop was the brain child of Lynn-Ann du Preez, Manager: Corporate & Social Events at Mega Events. She saw the need to develop business people. Her opinion is that you can’t have a successful business if you do not satisfy a need and have a genuine desire to make a difference. At the closing of this nine month journey, under the watchful eye of Mark Smith from Wildcats Coaching, the participants had personal stories of growth and triumph. They identified what was wrong in their businesses and what needed fixing. Questions like the following were answered; how strategic am I in my thinking? How do I organise my time? Is my branding rendering results? Am I on track with goal setting and planning? They were also reminded again that entrepreneurs are a special “breed”, with lots of guts and resilience! No one feels as passionate about your business as you do and that you are always the one held accountable at the end of the day. This class of 2016 had the belief that it is worth your while to develop yourself and your business, and that life is about constant learning. Where there is a dream, there is also fear, but you have to go ahead fearlessly!

Working with local business owners gives me a unique perspective of the talent and potential of the Overberg. The collaboration of small businesses can create an economy within an economy. The YBOB experience has revealed such talent, and the wisdom within this group has inspired us to create a business incubator for entrepreneurs in 2017. We will be seeking sponsorship and will create great branding opportunities. Onwards and upwards, we are here to grow others, and that is the most satisfying part!” – Mark Smith ACC (ICF) Wildcats Coaching and Training Specialists.