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The feminine side of business

The modern era has seen the rapid rise of women in business.

This has resulted from many different social and economic factors, among those being the advocacy of feminine rights, the trend towards family couples accepting equal responsibility for income, the rising costs of having a family with children in education, and of course the simple fact that women have become hugely more self-reliant and independent. This infiltration into business has not come without its challenges, to say the least, but one area of business that women are excelling in is in the entrepreneurial arena. Women have two very powerful characteristics that make them ideal candidates for launching an entrepreneurial venture. They get things done, and they are curious! The first asset has self-explanatory benefits i.e. they fit more into one day than most mere mortals fit into a week, they are highly productive and they do very little procrastinating. Entrepreneurial women seem to spend less time dwelling on the ramifications of a task and just get on with it.

The second asset however is probably their strongest virtue. That of being curious. This means that they are creative in the sense that they are always looking to be different. They are also not afraid to ask questions, to find out more, to learn and empower themselves in order to do what they do better. And then when they learn they actually apply what they have learned and improve on it! This may seem unremarkable to many, but in all my years of training this is in fact a rare phenomenon, particularly in a man’s world where they are expected to know everything, so ask about nothing, and then do their own thing.

There is of course a third characteristic that entrepreneurial women exercise regularly. Socialising. They are particularly good at building relationships with those around them which, in the business world, goes a long way towards retaining customers and building brand value. This characteristic also gets them into trouble periodically of course. The tendency to be side-tracked is a constant temptation. But because the world of entrepreneurialism demands a high degree of personal interaction this virtue is invaluable, particularly when establishing business awareness and credibility in the marketplace.

In short, women are quite naturally qualified to launch into the world of entrepreneurship, often only needing some directional advice to set them onto the path of success. So, those ladies contemplating taking the plunge towards owning your own business be assured that you have what it takes.

‘Business Fitness’ is brought to you by The Business Gym…

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Get fit for business

Getting fit for business is no easy task! Just ask these courageous ladies, who have invested precious time these past weeks, ‘sweating’ over cash flow projections, formulating and implementing their systems, fine-tuning their business vision, and weighing up their marketing and communication strategy. Working “on” your business” instead of only “in” it, sets it up for growth and success. Working on a ‘Corporate Blueprint’ or Plan for your Business is empowering: it gets your heart rate up and creates focus – much like a cardio workout!

When you think about it, owning a business is a lot like running a marathon:

It takes preparation, dedication, planning, and a lot of practice to get it right and to ‘stay in the game’. Learning how to do this doesn’t simply happen in one day, and is so much easier when there is a team to back you up!  The Business/Gym combines unique and effective coaching methods in small groups, to maximise the effect of business training. “Just like with physical training, we provide business owners with a solid business workout that includes healthy insights and clear management perspectives. And we hold you accountable on a weekly basis over 6 weeks and beyond” says Chris van Rooyen, Managing Partner at The Business Gym. “Essentially, we offer a fitness program for your business to provide you with business intelligence, productive and strategic focus backed by our unique concept of ‘boardroom’ accountability” (a monthly continuous support/booster program that continues after the course).

“This is what these wonderful women have been doing in “The Gym” lately … it has been an absolute privilege to walk this path with them and we wish them only the very best – we will continue to be there all the way for them ‘in the Boardroom’ to ensure that they not only ‘keep fit’ but also push themselves just that little bit more!” Sylvia Malinowski, Managing Partner, The Business Gym.