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Editor’s Letter

In the month of August we celebrate women in business! These Successful Women can be found all over the globe, but we are featuring some of our local Incredibles in this issue.

Many studies show that women start their own businesses for a variety of reasons. These reasons include; having an idea for a business plan, a passion for solving a specifically related career problem, wanting to be more in control of their careers, maintaining a more balanced life, having a flexible work schedule and taking a personal vision and turning it into a lucrative business. Along with the intense desire to see their vision carried out, these women also have a great ability to multi-task and are not fearful of the risks involved in being self-employed. Studies have shown that successful women entrepreneurs start their businesses as a second or third profession. Because of their previous careers, women entrepreneurs enter the business world later on in life, around 40–60 years old. According to the National Association of Corporate Directors, companies that have women on their boards generate value to their corporations by broadening market vision, enhancing board dynamics, inspiring female stockholders and improving corporate reputation.

In my opinion a person ultimately has to master purpose, in order to achieve real success and fulfillment. Dr. John Maxwell said that knowing your purpose gives your life meaning, simplicity, focus and motivation. From this, I believe, confidence is born. People who are confident have more career success and they also build better relationships. Confident people have the self-assurance to turn their dreams into reality.

Enjoy your journey!