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Agility – The art of letting go

By Dr Letitia van der Merwe & Magda Stevens – InavitIQ Learning

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The “being” and “doing” of agile is an opportunity and challenge and a way we can have an impact on every aspect of the business. Agility is a systems-based capacity, not a singular trait or characteristic of a person – it is about the “being” and “doing” of agile. Agile professionals bring together people, processes, and systems to realise the organisational strategies (and letting go of the ones that no longer work).

The art of letting go

Letting go is probably so difficult because it feels like failure to us. Most people can probably relate to a business example of a time when a project or idea met all the outcomes, was on time, within budget, but just didn’t deliver the envisaged value. How does one let go of this?

  • It starts with the decision to let it go ‒ accept that you have a choice.
  • Admit how you feel – get it out of your system. Sometimes it’s about accepting things for what they are.
  • Define your identity in your life purpose – not what you have accomplished in the past. It will then be easier to let go of things.
  • Don’t play the victim or blame others.
  • Move on.